State of this Union

I think I’ve used this title before, but it seems so fitting for what I want to write about today.

The boys are seemingly doing okay.   Ellis has a girlfriend that keeps him plenty busy, but at least they tend to hang out at home most of the time.   I have no idea if he is passing his classes or if he plans to apply to any other colleges, but he looks healthy and is a good kid, so I just sort of leave it at that most days.   On Friday we are slated to attend a celebratory breakfast for the students in his grade who did well in the National Merit Scholarship competition.  Whatever that means.   He seems to know little to nothing about it.

Henry came into some money over the holidays and has been receiving a package a day for the last week from Amazon.   As I recall, he’s ordered some sort of body armor, an iPhone case, a magazine rack for his Airsoft ammo, and an assorted box of candy bars (who even thinks of that?).   Another package arrived today and it looks like it might be a harmonica, but that’s highly unlikely.   My money’s on it being five pounds of fudge.    Henry is a good kid though, so I won’t begrudge him his candy.   Two nights ago when Davis couldn’t fall asleep, Henry went into his room and read to him until he nodded off.   What 14 year old brother does that?

Mason is currently at his mom’s, but I can only imagine he is off skateboarding through the suburbs or jumping from some tree that is far taller than he originally thought and would ever admit.   It’s really struck me lately how he went from being the big brother, older of the two, to now being somewhat precariously perched in the middle of our brood.  I have a sinking feeling that he’s lost his place and he’s having a hard time finding where he truly fits in.  He’s on my ‘mom-dar’ for sure.

Davis is the child who prompted this post.   He recently switched to a new school when I left mid year to be a part time tutor/stay at home mom.   While the decision was 100% right for me, his role in it was begrudgingly obligatory.   The new school is good and the teachers have welcomed him with open arms, but I know how hard it is to adjust to abrupt changes.  He mostly has a good spirit about things, but he is also a deeply sensitive soul.  I am hoping that he makes friends that will carry over to middle school.   That was supposed to be one of the ‘perks’ of me making this change.

Ethan seems to be the boy who’s ‘most improved’ of late.   He has grown a foot and eats like a horse.   His attitude about school and chores is mostly good.   He tackles everything head first and although he prefers to still have some hand holding, he really does put forth so much effort.   His silliness seems to be refining as well, with less fart and burp jokes and more well timed one liners.  I’ve always been a sucker for a funny guy.

So, all in all, I cannot complain.  These five boys are boys that are easy to feel proud of, easy to love (most of the time), and easy to want to share about.   I’m a lucky gal.

Macy Lane

Macy Lane

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