Richard’s Top 40!


Today is Richard’s 40th birthday!   On a whim I decided that a fun way to share some tidbits about this great guy would be to create a Top 40 playlist.  In no particular order (sorry, I couldn’t even begin to attempt that or I’d have to change it to his Top 50 list) of ANY sort, here’s a Top 40 list about my Top 40 guy.


Richard’s Top 40 Hits

40.  “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”The Platters

Richard’s new love for smoking meat is paying off nicely for the family.  His smoked turkey at Thanksgiving was divine.

39.  “Rocky Mountain High”-John Denver

Colorado holds a special place in his heart and he’d love for us to live there someday.

38.  “Drive My Car”-The Beatles

Richard is the one who ALWAYS drives and for that I am eternally thankful.

37.  “Mack the Knife”-Bobby Darin

He loves to cook and his knife skills in the kitchen are terrific.  I never know which one to use and he always helps me out.

36.  “Midnight Train to Georgia”-Gladys Knight and the Pipps

Richard collects trains and he inherited his love for them from his dad.

35.  “Sugar Sugar”-The Archies

He has a sweet tooth and loves Jr. Mints, Nerds, and all kinds of goodies.

34.  “Purple Haze”-Jimi Hendrix

He’s the first man I ever met whose favorite color is purple

33.  “Heartbreak Hotel”-Elvis

He’s had his share of heartbreak, but I think it’s made him a stronger, better person.

32.  “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”-The Hollies

This guy is the best brother.  He’s got 7 siblings and he loves them all.

31.  “Brand New Key”-Melanie

A guy who owns his very own roller skates is a rarity in life.  And his are quads.  No roller blades for him.

30.  “I Want to Hold Your Hand”-The Beatles

He loves to touch and holding hands is a special gift he shares with those he loves.

29.  “Gimme Shelter” -The Rolling Stones

He’s remodeling our bathroom.  ALL. BY. HIMSELF.  Enough said.

28.  “Call Me”-Blondie

An Apple guru, his iPhone collection, knowledge, usage, love, etc. is immense.

27.  “Dance With Me”-Orleans

We love to dance.  We hear music, we shake our booties and sway our hips.

26.  “What’s Going On”-Marvin Gaye

With a career focused around the news world, he’s in the know. 

25.  “Help!”-The Beatles

You couldn’t ask for a better guy to turn to when you have a crisis.  Trust me, I know.

24.  “Creep”-Radiohead

But that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.  He can be a downright jerk at times, but I still love him.

23.  “Laughter in the Rain”-Neil Sedaka

We laugh all the time.  It’s amazing.  And probably annoying to many people.  That just makes us laugh even more.

22.  “She Blinded me With Science”-Thomas Dolby

But, have no fear!  Richard’s here to help with every single science fair nightmare.  He’s the go to science guy and I love him for it.

21.  “Hey Jude”-The Beatles

He’s had his share of hard times.  He took a sad song and made it better.

20.  “Smells Like Teen Spirit”-Nirvana

It actually smells like that plus a bit more at our house.  We’ve got four boys most of the time and a college kid who comes pretty often. 

19.  “Respect”-Aretha Franklin

Teaching these boys of ours one day at a time.

18.   “Good Vibrations”-The Beach Boys

He loves a good time and loves to help others have a great time. 

17.  “Mrs. Robinson”-Simon and Garfunkel

I’m actually almost 6 years older than him.  We like to laugh about how he’d have been the 6th grader with a Senior (which is actually rather disturbing when you think of it that way). 

16.  “Smooth”-Santana

He cuts his own hair. 

15.  “Silly Love Songs”-Wings

He’s silly, I’m silly.  We’re in love.  What’s wrong with that?

14.  “Hotel California”-The Eagles

We spent our honeymoon in California and it was wonderful!

13.  “Imagine”-John Lennon

His imagination soars.  He can problem solve like no other.

12.  “Blowing in the Wind”-Bob Dylan

He’s been known to pile trash and treasures quite high in the back of his truck.  As a matter of fact, I probably should have bought him some new tie-downs as his gift.  You know the saying, “One man’s junk not properly tied down…”

11.  “Crazy”-Gnarls Barkley

‘Crazy’ doesn’t scare him.  Thank god.

10.  “Best Friend”-Queen

He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him.

9.  “No Sleep til Brooklyn”-The Beastie Boys

He chose NYC as his 40th birthday trip and I feel honored I got to share that amazing experience with him.

8.  “At Last”-Etta James

We found love later in our lives, but the wait was worth it!

7.  “I Walk the Line”-Johnny Cash

He’s a good, good person.  I’ve hardly met anyone nicer.

6.   “We are Young”-Fun

Age is just a number.   Okay, actually it’s a word.  But you get the drift.

5.  “Circle of Life”-Elton John

His is full.  He’s seen life and death and he’s come out stronger on the other side.

4.   “The Mother We Share”-Chrvches

His mother was an amazing person and I’m sure she’d be so proud of her son.

3.   “In My Life”-The Beatles

I’ve loved you more.

2.  “God Only Knows”-The Beach Boys

What would I be without you?

and coming in at #1

“Happy Birthday”-Altered Images

Happy birthday!  I love you!

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