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January is an interesting month.  So full of expectation and hope, new beginnings and ways to make the next year better than the one before.

I know that with each new year, I vow to work towards a better me.  Many years I plan to lose weight and get healthy.  Often, I resolve to floss regularly and make my bed every morning.  But this year, a different goal has found its way into my mind and most definitely my heart.

This year, I am asking myself to practice kindness.  With others of course, but also with myself.  For as long as I can recall, I have been my harshest critic and worst friend.  This negative thinking manifests itself in many ways, but the one that continually comes to mind this month has to do with photographs.

My fear of looking fat in pictures has kept me away from the other side of the camera for some time. When I couldn’t avoid having my photo taken, I would try any trick to look thinner ( tips for another blog on another day).  I would always rather take the picture than have one taken of me.

Which leads me to the realization that I have been quite selfish.  By avoiding the camera, I am missing out on the chance to create memories that can be shared for years.   But more importantly, I am depriving my children (and their children) of the memories of special people in their lives.

My husband and I both lost our mothers far, far too early in life.  We miss them every single day.  The photographs we do have of them are cherished treasures to us and our children.  But our moms didn’t like having their picture taken or were too busy taking the pictures to make sure they were in any.  There aren’t very many photos of our beautiful moms.  And that makes us sad.

A few weeks ago, I took pictures of my sister’s new granddaughter. My sister was in the room and I managed to sneak some candid shots of her and the baby. She was wearing a sweatshirt and hadn’t fixed her hair, but the pictures I was able to get are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  If I’d asked her to be in the photos, she would have refused.  But look what we would have missed.

This year, I will still try to lose weight.  And it would be great if I flossed daily.  But one thing I definitely plan to do is smile for the camera and let myself be photographed.

If you’re worried about not looking good enough in a picture, please know that beauty shines strong from within.  Love yourself and smile  Let every one who loves you have these memories to cherish during your lifetime and theirs.

Macy Lane

Macy Lane

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